Itinerary for the holiday houses in the Ardèche - Saint-Mélany

On the Lyons-Marseilles motorway, after VALENCE take the exit for MONTELIMAR NORD.
Follow the signs for MONTELIMAR (from the exit it is another 100 km = 1.5 to 2 hours).
Before the centre of Montélimar follow the signs for LE TEIL/AUBENAS (right over viaduct). In each case follow direction indicators.
Drive through LE TEIL and then follow the signs for AUBENAS. In AUBENAS following the signs for ALES.
If necessary you can do your shopping just outside AUBENAS: Centre Commercial: Leclerc.
Follow the signs for ALES until you reach JOYEUSE. In JOYEUSE follow the signs for VALGORGE/SABLIERES.
This will bring you to LES DEUX AYGUES. Here turn left over the bridge towards SABLIERES/ST MELANY. Now follow this winding road by the river for +/- 15 minutes until you come to a fork with a sign reading ST MELANY 2 km, which you should follow.
Drive through ST- MELANY (towards Pourcharesse).
You can also follow the signs for the AUBERGE DU TRAVERS. This brings you to LE TRAVERS. You can park just past the hamlet on the right of the road. If you walk back to the hamlet from where you have parked you will find your holiday home on the right: through the gate and up the stairs.
The first (bowed) door is the entrance to HOUSE 2.
Up to the left at the end you will find the entrance to HOUSE 1.

ADDRESS : Maison Géo Blondé 'Le Travers' - Saint-Mélany | 07260 JOYEUSE | FRANCE
TELEPHONE: (0033)(0)475 369587 (Géo Blondé)
TELEPHONE AUBERGE : (0033)(0)475 369646 (Philippe Liégeois)